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Doe Paoro On World Cafe

In the 1990 book  Bound To Lead: The Changing Nature Of American Power, economist Joseph Nye introduces us to a term he coined; soft power. Soft power is the act of trying to change things through coercion and appeal rather than force and intimidation. In the book, Nye's talking about government and politics, but our guest today, Doe Paoro, writes intimately about the power dynamics of her personal relationships. And Soft Power is the name of her new album.

Soft Power is a departure from Doe Paoro's electronic influenced sophomore record, After. It was recorded live to tape as a band with less takes and a focus on the songwriting. The songwriting that examines control, loss, struggle and a woman's place in it. It's also empowering.  She's reclaiming and reasserting her independence in songs wrapped in R&B with piano and a pop sensibility,  so it's a beautiful listen as well.  

In addition to her music, Doe's also a yogi and talked to me a little bit about the art of silent meditation (She's done a 10-day retreat, more than once!) and her ETSY handcrafted shop where the hashtag #dontdoubtmywitchcraft comes into play.  If I were you, I would heed that statement.

The session starts off with "Cage of Habits," performed live. Hear the complete performance and our conversation in the player.

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