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Petal On World Cafe

"Odds are the people that love you are just dying for you to tell the truth." When Kiley Lotz, who records as Petal, says this, you believe her. Kiley made her second full length album, Magic Gone, while she was coming to terms with seeking help for major depressive and panic disorders and subsequently going through treatment. She also came out as queer at that time. As you'll hear in our conversation, and in Kiley's music, being honest with herself and with the people around her was a lifesaver.

Kiley describes the pivotal moment that provoked her to seek help and why it's important to her to talk about mental health. She also explains the concept of "compare despair" in the age of social media and shows off her ripping sense of fuzzy guitar power pop and bright, clear voice in a performance of songs from Magic Gone.Listen in the player.

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