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The Jonas Brothers Make A Star-Studded Comeback With 'Sucker'

Look, between Nick Jonas' tabloid-riddled engagement to Priyanka Chopra, the re-branding of Joe Jonas as Maroon 5's heir apparent with the pop-rock project DNCE and Kevin Jonas', er, short-lived reality show, you may have forgotten that The Jonas Brothers were the prototypical boy band of the 2000s and, arguably, the blueprint for every boy band that has emerged in its wake.

Today, the arrival of the band's first single in six years, "Sucker," makes clear that the boy band format still has legs, at least insofar as the general public has a demand for nostalgia and cute, cute boys. "Sucker" has pep and fizz in spades, landing exactly at the midpoint of Nick's sensitive-boy R&B and Joe's day gig as DNCE head honcho.

Its accompanying music video is a three-minute display of regal debauchery that resembles recent Oscar winner The Favourite (and appears to be shot in the same venue). With cameos from Priyanka Chopra, Danielle Jonas and Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner, the visual mirrors the film's lascivious energy — a far cry from the wholesome image the band attended to a decade ago. The Jo Bros may not quite be in the year 3000, but "Sucker" nonetheless serves up a grown-up vision of The Jonas Brothers we didn't know we were expecting.

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