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The 5 Wildest Tiny Desk Concerts

Whether the Tiny Desk is actually tiny is up for debate, but when someone leaps onto Bob Boilen's desk, the performance paints beyond the canvas. Here are five of the wildest Tiny Desk concerts — as chosen by me, whose opinion cannot be refuted — from Dirty Three's high-kick histrionics and George Li's piano-pounding performance to Gogol Bordello's vodka-fueled set, Cristina Pato's berserker bagpipes and Red Baraat's confetti cannon.

Tiny Desks In This Playlist

• Gogol Bordello (read more)
• Red Baraat (read more)
• The Cristina Pato Trio (read more)
• George Li (read more)
• Dirty Three (read more)

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