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Man Mows Lawn Around Lincoln Memorial During Shutdown


Today's Last Word In Business? Lawnmower man.


With the government partially shut down, autumn leaves are piling up at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

GREENE: Grass is getting long.

INSKEEP: So Chris Cox of Mount Pleasant, S.C., took it upon himself to spruce things up. He mowed the lawn around the memorial...

GREENE: And emptied the trash cans.

INSKEEP: ...and cleaned up nearby walking trails with a leaf blower, even cut a tree branch with a chainsaw, until police told this citizen to leave. He wasn't authorized to be there.

GREENE: As a kid, my mom kept telling me: Mow more. Mow more. Where were the police then?


GREENE: That's the business news on MORNING EDITION, from NPR News. I'm David Greene.

INSKEEP: And I'm Steve Inskeep.

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