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Milwaukee Companies Looking Closely at Data Breaches

As Wisconsinites approach the busy holiday shopping season, the specter of having our personal data stolen looms in the background.  

The number of retailers reporting so-called "data breaches" is growing, and includes – in just the last year or so – Target, eBay, and - most recently - Home Depot, among others. The issue is on the radar of not just consumers, but large companies based in the Milwaukee area - and Wisconsin companies in the business of monitoring or preventing data breaches.

Milwaukee Business Journal reporter Alison Bauter writes that companies are changing their attitude toward data breaches.  Bauter covers technology and innovation for the newspaper.  

"Before, people waited until they had been the victim of a data breach," Bauter says, "and then they said, 'Oh, no - we've gotta get some security.' Now people are looking to be a bit more proactive."

In a recent cover story, Bauter not only talked with leaders at area corporations such as Kohl's, but also spoke with several local firms, such as Hold Security and PKWare.  All point to the need not just for corporations to look at security, but small businesses, and consumers, as well.