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Do You Have The Credit Card Game All Figured Out? Tell Us About It

Are you that person who has the credit card game all figured out? NPR wants to hear from you.

We are no longer taking responses to this callout. Thanks to all who participated.

NPR is doing some stories about credit cards and how to manage them smartly — without getting in over your head — while taking advantage of the best points and rewards programs. If you have your own strategy for getting all you can out of credit card points to help pay for gas or your next vacation, we want to hear from you.

Your responses may be used in an upcoming story, on air or on A producer may reach out to you to follow up on your response, too. Share your thoughts with us below — or here — and send us a voice memo.

If you want, you can submit a voice memo within the form, or email a voice memo to Include your name and where you're from, and put "credit" in the subject line.

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