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For Low-Income Students, Right College At Right Price A Challenge


Now, when it comes to college, it's not just that families are experiencing sticker shock. It's often really hard to figure out the complicated process of getting financial assistance. Our colleague Michel Martin from NPR's TELL ME MORE spoke to Caroline Hoxby, a professor of economics at Stanford University. Hoxby said lower income students in particular are misinformed when it comes to choosing a college that suits their needs and wallets.

CAROLINE HOXBY: Eight out of nine low-income high-achieving students did not end up applying to the sort of colleges where they are likely to do best, where they are likely to thrive, where they are well matched to the resource of the college and the other students.

GREENE: TELL ME MORE looked at a program that did reach those lower income students and you can find the story at our website, NPR.org. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.