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Wisconsin Public Schools: 88% Met or Exceeded State Expectations

The Dept. of Public Instruction graded all 2,100 Wisconsin public schools on student achievement. In MPS, 30 schools met or exceeded standard expectations, about 22%.

Another 12 schools in MPS, that received an alternative report card, met, exceeded or made satisfactory progress. DPI added the Alternative Accountability process this year, for schools that serve at-risk students or don't have the data necessary for calculating a standard report card.

DPI evaluated schools and districts in four categories:

- Student achievement in reading and math on statewide assessments

- Student growth (on those assessments)

- Closing achievement and graduation gaps

- Readiness for college or careers

In addition to the 88% of public schools that met or or exceeded the state's expectations, so did nearly 98% of school districts. There are 424 districts across Wisconsin.

In Milwaukee Public Schools, the number of schools exceeding standard expectations grew from 6 to 8, while the number meeting expectations declined from 28 to 22. The DPI included 134 Milwaukee public schools on its standard report card.

The district highlights the fact that more MPS students met reading standards in the 2013-14 school year and that 12 schools were rated as, "Making Satisfactory Progress," but one factor that hampered improved scores was chronic absenteeism.

Acting Superintendent Dr. Darienne Driver said, in a release, "We have a number of schools that are high achieving or growing in that direction and we want to recognize those schools for their efforts, but too many schools are not yet experiencing that growth. That's why we are committed to specific, targeted efforts aimed at improving outcomes for students."