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2 High School Teachers Rap To Raise Student Morale


From tantrums to eye rolls, many kids are fed up with virtual learning, but two high school cheerleading coaches - their kids call them Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Evans in Albany, Ga. - had an idea to get kids back in the game.


AUDRI WILLIAMS: (Rapping) Mrs. Williams, been poppin', 2020 new school year droppin', no COVID-19, ain't worried about a thing. When it come to me, ain't no stopping (ph).


A rap song, and as these things sometimes do, it's gone viral.

CHANG: The song is a remix of Jack Harlow's summer smash, "What's Poppin." This time, the raps are about logging on, masking up and aiming for the stars.


CALLIE EVANS: (Rapping) COVID-19 had us stressed, but it's nothing. We're going to overcome that space, no bluffing. Wear your mask, wash your hands, keep a safe distance 'cause I really thought that a pandemic said somethin' (ph).

FADEL: In the accompanying video, they perform their verses in the empty hallways of Monroe Comprehensive High School, flanked by peppy cheerleaders dressed in the greens and yellows of the Monroe Golden Tornadoes.


WILLIAMS: (Rapping) Class is in session. Now we just progressing. Success is the topic and passing's the message. My school is the best. There's no competition. We in the top, no switching positions. The world No. 1. Tornadoes, let's get it (ph).

CHANG: This song has inspired optimism in a scary time. Last week, Georgia reported the highest rate of new cases of the coronavirus in the country. And learning at Monroe is now 100% remote.

FADEL: But Audri Williams and Callie Evans told a local Fox TV affiliate that since they dropped the song, their students have been excited to learn. Maybe other educators can learn a thing or two from them.

CHANG: Even if they can't rap.


EVANS: (Rapping) What's poppin? Miss Evans on the beat, so tap in. You got options, but you better pass my class, no floppin' (ph)... Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.