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Waukesha Residents Can Earn Rewards for Conserving Water


Waukesha has signed a $4,000 contract with a company, to provide water users with discounts at local businesses, if the resident reduces water consumption compared with last year.

Waukesha's Water Utility has been urging residents to reduce their water usage, primarily because of the region's shrinking underground supply. The utility has also regulated lawn sprinkling for years.

Now it's collaborating with the company H2Oscore, which has developed software to provide water users with data on how their water use compares to the previous year. If there's been a decline, the customer will earn discounts at stores and restaurants.

The program is voluntary, and residents need to sign up. The utility will include a flyer in upcoming water bills.

While Waukesha continues its water conservation efforts, the water utility is also seeking permission to purchase Lake Michigan water in upcoming years because its underground supply is increasing contaminated with cancer-causing radium.

Initially, Waukesha hoped to arrange a deal with the City of Milwaukee, but has since turned to Oak Creek, because Milwaukee wants certainty over future utility boundaries.