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Video of Otter (or Mink) Playing in Menomonee River Near Milwaukee Shows Health of River Returning

Milwaukee Riverkeepers

Wauwatosa Village has become a draw for casual diners, but it may also become a hotspot for wildlife enthusiasts.

Earlier this week, Milwaukee Riverkeeper posted a video on Facebook of a furry animal playing in the frozen Menomonee River in Wauwatosa - near Cafe Hollander.

But, what is it? Experts aren't sure.

"There are some DNR staff that think it's a mink and a few other DNR staff and local experts who think it's an otter," Cheryl Nenn of Milwaukee Riverkeeper says.

Either way, the environmental conservation group says that this is "yet another sign of the health of the river returning."

If you spot it near the river, take a picture and help us correctly identify the furball. We're hoping for otter because they are very rare on the lower Menomonee River -- and they are just so darn cute.

Michelle was named WUWM's digital manager in August of 2021.
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