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Four Reasons To Go Outdoors During Wisconsin's Arctic Weather

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Don't let the frigid temperatures freeze your outdoor plans.

Lake Effect's outdoor adventure contributors, Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer, share kid-friendly activities for cold weather.

Frozen Bubbles

If it is could enough outside and the wind is low, blow bubbles outside and watch them freeze, float and shatter on the ground.

Color Balloons, a.k.a. "the sidewalk chalk of winter"

Fill up a balloon with water and food coloring, then leave out to freeze overnight. Remove the rubber balloon material and you have colorful orbs to decorate your snowy landscape.

Credit Ursula Murray Husted / Flickr

Snow Painting

Put food coloring into a spray bottle and spray it onto the snow canvas in your yard. Or, use paint brushes to add color to your snowman.

Credit V'ron / Flickr

Instant Maple Ice Cream

Pour maple syrup onto the snow and collect with a popsicle stick for a special winter time treat.

Credit Sheila Scarborough / Flickr

Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer are the minds behind the website, and authors of the new book, The Truth About Nature: A Family’s Guide to 144 Common Myths About the Great Outdoors.

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