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Faux Instagram Tutorial Teaches Seniors How To Tech

In the latest edition of Conan O'Brien's Team Coco video series, "Senior Tech Expert Bob" is teaching elderly folk how to use Instagram. He misses the mark on some facts, and by some facts, we mean almost all facts.

Check out the video below, where Bob explains how seniors can use Instagram to keep an eye on their grandkids, and use filters like "glaucoma" or "cataracts" on their photos.

The faux Instagram tutorial is part of a series on the Team Coco YouTube channel. Previous senior tech Lessons have featured text messaging, Twitter and Google Plus.

"Because learning shouldn't stop because you almost have," says the fake senior expert, Bob.

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Elise Hu is a host-at-large based at NPR West in Culver City, Calif. Previously, she explored the future with her video series, Future You with Elise Hu, and served as the founding bureau chief and International Correspondent for NPR's Seoul office. She was based in Seoul for nearly four years, responsible for the network's coverage of both Koreas and Japan, and filed from a dozen countries across Asia.