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The Rush is On to Prepare Wisconsin Residents for Health Care Changes


The Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services will begin mailing letters Monday to 92,000 people it may drop from BadgerCare, because their income exceeds the poverty level.

The Walker administration will enforce new income guidelines, starting January first. The cut-off for single adults will be an annual income of $11,500. For households with children, the cut-off will be 300% of the poverty level.

The state will refer those above to the new federal marketplace.

Claire Smith, spokesperson for DHS says people could still move on and off the list, depending on their finances. Definitive letters will be dropped into the mail later this year.

She says the agency will also send letters this week to thousands of people on the waiting list for Badgercare, that they could become eligible in January.

Yet another letter will inform certain households that they must begin paying a premium, because their income exceeds poverty standards.

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