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Tech Team Podcast, Episode 3: Inside Video Games And Gaming

All our gaming week coverage, mashed into one podcast.
Marilyn Nieves
All our gaming week coverage, mashed into one podcast.

In our latest mashed podcast of our themed reporting, we take a deeper dive into the culture of gaming. It features stories on video games are teaching us how to feel empathy in the offline world or activating us to be more socially aware. And of course, we explore how much more real video games have gotten — heightening our experiences as we play.

Take a listen and be sure to send us your feedback.

And just a reminder: To coincide with gaming week, we launched the Tumblr and we will continue to post about gaming over there.

The music from this podcast includes:

"Home Computer" by Kraftwerk

"Pocket Calculator" by Kraftwerk

"Deck the Halls" by Mannheim Steamroller

"Aladdin's Watery Escape' by Miles and Karina, (The Adventures of Prince Achmed)

"Sweet Georgia Brown" by Brother Bones and His Shadows

"Einini" from the CD Celtic Crossing/William Coulter, guitar

"Game Over" by Josh Milan (Wreck-It-Ralph Soundtrack)

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