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ISO: $7 Billion To Ban Burning Man Acolytes From The Bay Area


Burning Man is a yearly festival in the Nevada desert that has become legendary for its art, music and hugely loyal following. Its organizers call it a crucible of creativity. It tends to inspire one of two reactions - you're either a groupie, you've attended it, it changed your life, or you want those unshaven, blissful acolytes to just stop. The latter group has mobilized. A comedy troupe from the Bay Area has launched a $7 billion crowd-funding appeal to fund a construction of a wall to stop the people who go to Burning Man from San Francisco from ever returning to the city. We can come together, says the appeal, and never have to hear about Burning Man again. Now, there's a word which starts with bull that I've omitted from that sentence, but you get the gist. Well, sometimes you have to fight fire with - well, an insurmountable structure made from reinforced concrete. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.