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Sports cars used to be more plentiful. But as we Americans have become larger, so have our cars, crossovers and trucks. Rare is the sporty or sports car, and rarer yet, one we could afford.

But in 1970, Nissan introduced its Datsun 240Z, a long-nosed low-slung sports car with quick handling and a modest price. That same formula is working for 2020 as Nissan launches its 50th Anniversary edition of the Z car, now a Z370.

Photo by Marc Hauser. Supplied by Farm Aid.

The annual Farm Aid concert is Saturday at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre near East Troy, Wis. Performers include Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, and many other musicians.

Wisconsin Eye

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers and Democratic lawmakers unveiled a proposal for a "red flag" bill Thursday.

The bill would allow judges to seize guns from someone they determine to be a threat. Democrats say the bill should be nonpartisan and is about saving lives. Republicans say the bill is a non-starter.

Rachel Bloom might not be the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend from her hit TV show anymore, but the Emmy award-winning actress, songwriter, and comedian is still performing. From the role of Silver in Angry Birds 2 to her own stage show, Rachel Bloom Live, Bloom is bringing her particular brand of humor and music to worldwide audiences. 

MacDowell Club of Milwaukee

The MacDowell Club of Milwaukee will hold its final concert this Sunday. For more than a century, the club has provided a performance outlet for local musicians and an opportunity for audiences to hear repertoire they might not otherwise have a chance to in a concert setting.

"We had the first all women's orchestra conducted by one of our members," says Carla Coonan, the organization’s president. "It was just amazing."

Teran Powell

Hip-hop and chess may seem like an unlikely pair. But a new club has combined the two in a way that’s educating young people about the art of chess and the art of making music.

The Hip-Hop Chess Club celebrated its grand re-opening Tuesday at Flip 'N' Styles, a barbershop on Milwaukee's south side. Even from the rear of the shop, you could hear the echo of ODB’s Shimmy Shimmy Ya hit you as you walk through the doors.

Susan Bence

People around the world, including in Milwaukee, concerned about climate change will take part in the Global Climate Strike, which starts Friday.

Ahead of Friday's Milwaukee rally, a corner of the cavernous basement beneath a UWM art studio building is filled with clusters of people chatting, munching on pizza. But mostly, they’re focused on the work at hand. Among them is Nicholas Lampert.

"I was screen printing these patches that people will wear at the demonstration and on the back of jackets," Lampert says.

Joy Powers

It’s been dubbed the "Witch’s House.” Urban legends portray the former owner and creator as a loner, shut in her home, creating the concrete statues that adorn the yard.

But artist Mary Nohl was no witch. She was a prolific artist, an innovator, and a caring friend. That’s what attracted Marielle Allschwang to her work.

RistoH /

The National Science Foundation announced this summer that the Milwaukee Public Museum will receive a $4.3 million grant for the Terrestrial Parasite Tracker. This massive digital database will organize more than 1.3 million arthropod specimens (ticks, mosquitoes, fleas) in a geographically comprehensive way.

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Until 2018, there was a federal ban on commercial sports gambling. But that changed with a Supreme Court ruling last year, legalizing it.

Because of state constitutions, sports betting is still not legal in many states, including Wisconsin. But the potential repercussions would impact sports fans throughout the country. Historically, gambling has had a corrosive effect on the spirit of competition, creating financial incentives for fixing games. A famous example of this issue came in the early 20th century, in what is now known as the "Black Sox Scandal." 

Engberg Anderson

Have you wondered what will become of the iconic Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, better known as The Domes, on Milwaukee’s near south side?

A task force hopes to convince county leaders and residents that both The Domes and the green space around it can be restored by building partnerships and raising funds.

Bonnie North

Canadian fingerstyle guitarist Antoine Dufour signed with Milwaukee’s CandyRat Records in 2005 — before the label was actually open for business. He remains one of CandyRat's most popular artists. He's released six albums, two DVDs, and has more than 50 million views on YouTube.

Angelina Mosher Salazar

Gov. Tony Evers announced Tuesday that his office will be hiring more than 60 new assistant district attorneys to address a statewide shortage of staff.

District attorneys have spent years lobbying for more positions. But until now, the staffing level throughout the state has been stagnant for a decade, limiting the ability of district attorneys to do their job. A job that Waukesha County Assistant District Attorney Michael Thurston says is critical to the community. 

Jeff Bentoff

Cars driving to Bay View from Milwaukee on Kinnickinnic Avenue generally pass unscathed. But vehicles taller than 12-feet 9-inches, aren't so lucky. Along that route is a bridge nicknamed the "KK Can Opener" that's been getting semis and delivery trucks stuck on a regular basis.

"Like a tin can, they get their top ripped off," says Matt Hrodey, writer of "Bay View Truck Eater" in the September issue of Milwaukee Magazine

MichaelSteeber / Flickr

The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, known as The Domes, is one of the most iconic buildings in Milwaukee. These large, glass structures are home to a wide array of plants — from cacti and succulents in the desert dome to fruit trees and ferns in the tropical dome.

But The Domes have needed repairs for a long time and there are many opinions on what the path forward should look like. The county is facing a funding shortage which complicates any plan for The Domes' future, according to reporter Tom Daykin.