New Democratic Gov. Tony Evers promised on the campaign trail to provide a middle class tax cut. Republicans who control the legislature have the same goal. But, getting there may be an ordeal.

The state Assembly passed a bill Tuesday that would tap a budget surplus – to pay for a #340 million annual tax cut for single and joint filers. The measure goes to the state Senate on Wednesday. But if the GOP proposal is approved, Evers might reject it, as he has a different approach in mind.

In the 1960s, there were few Black people on television outside of civil rights or Vietnam War images. There were a couple of sitcoms that had Black characters, but by and large, TV was created for and reflective of white audiences.

Ellis Haizlip wanted to change that and was the driving force behind the television show, Soul!, which showcased Black artistry and activism. 

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Valentine's Day is just a couple days away and for many that means one thing and one thing only: candy. The annual lovefest has become a celebration of all things sweet - whether it's a piece of chocolate cake at the end of a romantic night out or anticipation of half-priced candy the following day. 

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Dentists and community health care groups are debating a plan from Gov. Tony Evers to improve access to dental care in Wisconsin.

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Two former Milwaukee County Jail employees are awaiting sentencing for their role in the jail dehydration death of Terrill Thomas in 2016. All three employees who were criminally charged were fired for their role in Thomas’ death—and one has been sentenced already.

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Across the country, the number of opioid deaths continue to rise. In 2017, the state of Wisconsin saw more than 900.

Changes are being implemented in an effort to lessen the number of people addicted. United Healthcare made changes to its opioid policy when it comes to prescriptions being written by dentists for people under the age of 19. The scripts are now limited to a three day supply and no more than 50 morphine milligrams a day.

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The Republican-controlled legislature is moving ahead with its plan for a middle class income tax cut.  A bill passed out of committee last week and is scheduled for floor debate Tuesday and Wednesday.  Lawmakers want to use a surplus to pay for the tax cut, while Gov. Tony Evers is pushing a plan to eliminate a tax credit for manufacturers.

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With all the trucks, SUVs and crossovers crowding showrooms these days, it’s refreshing to come across a sporty sedan like Volkswagen’s Jetta that also represents high value.

Jetta was restyled for 2019 and mostly that’s all good news. First, it continues the lean European look that VW has mastered over the past decade, second, the starting price is phenomenal, and third, the tested R-Line model (intended to be a bit racier), is an absolute blast to drive.

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Valentine’s Day is more than just a retail excuse to celebrate pink and red and sell cards and chocolate. To many, it’s a sentimental holiday to share with loved ones, or to remember those we’ve loved. This week’s stories focus on the very early stages of connection with your valentine – and how even the most heartbreaking endings can have silver linings.

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At first glance, Gillian Laub’s “Southern Rites” exhibit at the Chazen Museum Museum of Art could be seen as portraying the pageantry of a prom night in a small southern community. But, that’s just the surface. Look a bit longer and it becomes clear the photographs tell a much more complicated story.

An employee of the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works was killed in a hit and run incident on Friday morning.

Bryan Rodriguez was filling potholes as part of a street repair crew in the 1800 block of N. 17th St, when a car struck him, pinning him to his truck. He was transported to the hospital immediately by first responders, but died later of his injuries.

The driver of the vehicle fled from the car and is reportedly in custody.

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The Lake Effect team headed to East 'Tosa for the latest Lake Effect On-Site event. Despite the weather, the crowd was near capacity at Birch on North Avenue. Co-hosts Bonnie North and Mitch Teich, highlighted some of the people and businesses that make Wauwatosa what it is today. 

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Clean drinking water has become a topic of conversation throughout the U.S. - from arid states worrying about sufficient quantities, to rust belt cities grappling with failing infrastructure and old lead pipes.

While the Great Lakes represent one of the world’s largest freshwater systems, its cities are not immune from concerns about drinking water.

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Some entrepreneurs say the Milwaukee area can be a good, but not great, place to start a business.  One challenge is simply getting the word out about new products or services. 

So, some people have turned to appearing on a local television program called "Project Pitch It,"  which begins its third season Saturday night.

On national television, ABC's “Shark Tank”  show has entrepreneurs compete for the financial  backing of tycoons - called "sharks" on the show - and a bidding war can erupt.

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The Nature Conservancy, a conservation group with programs spanning the globe, hopes that a report it compiled will help build the case for “natural” climate solutions.

The report lays out how forests, wetlands and agricultural lands can significantly drive down greenhouse gas pollution.