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A small Wisconsin consumer group that’s originally inspired by activist Ralph Nader is turning 40 this year. An April 7 event will celebrate the Citizens Utility Board of Wisconsin’s (CUB) middle age. 


A Wisconsin Appeals Court Wednesday sided with Republicans, and reinstated some laws passed during a lame-duck legislative session in December. The laws limit the powers of new Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul. 

The 3rd District Court of Appeals put on hold a ruling made last week by Dane County Judge Richard Niess.  He struck down the laws, saying legislators passed them during an illegal extraordinary session.

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The man accused of kidnapping and holding 13-year-old Jayme Closs for nearly three months and killing her parents has pleaded guilty.

Jake Patterson, who's 21, now faces a maximum of two life sentences for the two first-degree intentional homicide charges and 40 years for kidnapping.

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There are many things police officers need to know: how to deal with drunk drivers, when to chase a perpetrator and when to use force. Author and former Milwaukee Police officer Adam Plantinga covers many of these things in his first book, 400 Things Cops Know: Street-Smart Lessons from a Veteran Patrolman.

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The final installment of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Unsolved podcast series was released Thursday. In its third season, reporter Gina Barton investigates the mysterious death of a somewhat controversial Catholic priest in small town Wisconsin 20 years ago.


Canadian pipeline company Enbridge thought its underground pipeline would be pumping three times its original load of crude oil three years ago. But disputes with Dane County have slowed down the process with demands that the company carry extra insurance in case its residents are impacted by a potential spill.

Tuesday the Wisconsin Supreme Court took up the debate.

The story begins in 2014 when Enbridge applied for a permit from Dane County.

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With the April 2 election less than a week away, the two Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates squared off in a heated, final debate Tuesday. 

Judges Lisa Neubauer and Brian Hagedorn are vying for the seat of outgoing liberal Justice Shirley Abrahamson. Whoever wins would be on the court for a 10-year term. The candidates — both currently state appeals court judges — highlighted what they said is a neutral judicial philosophy.

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A second Dane County judge has blocked a portion of Republican-backed laws limiting Gov. Tony Evers' and Attorney General Josh Kaul's powers. Judge Frank Remington Tuesday overturned language that requires Kaul to get legislative approval before settling cases. 

His order stems from a lawsuit brought by unions that argued the laws violate the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches of government. Remington let stand portions of the laws that give the Legislature the right to intervene in cases.  


Since the Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced it will hold its 2020 convention in Milwaukee, there have been a lot of conversations about what that means for the city. One issue that continues to raise questions is the number of available hotel rooms for delegates and everyone else that will be in town for the event.

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An exhibition currently on view at The Warehouse on west St. Paul Avenue offers some answers to the perpetual question: what does it mean to be an American? 

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Calling for changes in the Department of Corrections, hundreds of people from across Wisconsin marched at the state Capitol Tuesday morning. Groups are upset about several initiatives that Gov. Tony Evers has purposed in his budget.

The "Day of Action" is sponsored by the prison reform group WISDOM, which is one of the groups that make up the #CloseMSDF coalition

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If you ask a group of people what it means to be an American, or whether they consider American to be part of their identity, the answer can vary. You may even run into someone who isn't quite sure how to answer.

That was the case for Ramiro Castillo — a Hispanic man in New Berlin who’s featured in the latest installment of our I'm An American series.

Husband. Father. Owner of his own construction company. Community activist. These are just a few of the words that I came to realize describe Ramiro Castillo.

How CEO Bob Atwell Created One Of Wisconsin's Largest Banks

Mar 25, 2019
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Bob Atwell’s critical career decisions can be summed up in one word: contrarian.

Unlike most of his classmates at Yale School of Management, Bob came back to the Midwest to find work. Secure in a coveted commercial lending job at a big Milwaukee financial institution, Bob decided he would rather be in a smaller town at a smaller bank. At that smaller bank in a smaller town, Bob found a stable job with a great deal of responsibility. Then, despite having 10 kids and an 11th on the way, Bob quit.


It was a wild ride at the State Capitol last week, as a Dane County judge struck down the lame-duck laws that the Republican-led Legislature passed in December, before Democratic Gov. Tony Evers took office. The laws stripped Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul of some of their powers. 


Many state agencies and boards are trying to figure out their next move now that Gov. Tony Evers has withdrawn 82 appointments waiting for confirmation by the Wisconsin State Senate.