Audrey Nowakowski

Lake Effect Producer

Audrey is a producer for Lake Effect. She is involved with every aspect of the show - from conducting interviews to editing audio to posting web stories and mixing the show together.

Her regular segments include Fit For You and film discussions. Before becoming a full-time producer, Audrey interned for Lake Effect starting in 2014 and joined the team full-time in the spring of 2015.

Audrey is a graduate of Cardinal Stritch University where she majored in Communication Arts and minored in History and English. She has also worked with 91.7 WMSE producing public service announcements.

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If you’ve bought or sold a house recently, or just seen the forest of for sale signs around town, you know the Milwaukee real estate market is hot right now. Demand is outstripping supply in many parts of town. 

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Whether it’s snow at the end of April or an unusually warm January, climate change is on many of our minds. And while the change is having an impact on the things that grow in Wisconsin, the agriculture industry itself has an effect on the climate. The work of commercial growers emits as much as a quarter of the greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere.

Fitness trends come and go over the years, but several trends that have held strong are formats such as functional movement, high intensity interval training, and a greater shift towards holistic wellness. But while trends have changed, a constant has been the need to go to a gym or a studio space in order to participate in these workouts. 


National statistics indicate that nearly one in five women have experienced rape or attempted rape at some point in their lives.

While April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, The Women’s Center of Waukesha works year-round to bring greater awareness to sexual violence and the efforts being made to combat it. The 40-year-old center serves women, children and men impacted by domestic abuse, sexual violence, child abuse and trafficking.

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We are facing "a crisis" in the need for nurses in clinical settings, retiring nurses, educators and a shortage of nurses in the pipeline according to Kara Groom, chief nurse administrator and department chair at Mount Mary University.

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Milwaukee has its fair share of film festivals, but too often the foreign language film category groups together Spanish and other language films. For the third year in a row, Marcus Theatres’ CineLatino festival will dedicate its screens to diverse Spanish-language format films from Mexico to Paraguay – and even more in between.

Audrey Nowakowski

There are many names for the neighborhoods just south of downtown Milwaukee, but there is one over-arching term that has taken hold: the near south side.

In front of a live audience at Latino Arts in Walker's Square, Lake Effect's Mitch Teich and Bonnie North sat down with some of the neighborhood's residents and entrepreneurs to uncover what makes the area unique: its growing demographic, charming character, entrepreneurs, and music.

Higher Level Camps

Milwaukee-native Cheryl Mohr always knew that sports, especially basketball, would play a major role in her life. Mohr played varsity basketball for her entire high school career, became a 1,000-point club member, and was the first player to receive a full athletic scholarship for women's basketball. She went on to play Division 1 basketball at the University of Arkansas and then professionally for the Columbus Minks.


Rarely are there Hollywood-made films that focus on the so-called “mature” character — especially centering a plot on a female one. But the new film Gloria Bell not only does that, but succeeds in showing the challenges many people will face in their older adult lives, such as the complications of dating, identity and family.

Village Farmstead

Dave Kozlowski owns and operates Pinehold Gardens in Oak Creek with his wife, Sandy Raduenz. When they were first getting started, fellow farmers were a big help with the steep learning curve.

Now, the mentee is becoming the mentor.

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There are more than 40 million victims of human trafficking around the world, according to statistics from the International Labour Organization. The group says 25 percent are children, and 75 percent are women and girls. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that enriches the perpetrators through the sexual slavery of their victims.

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Lake Effect has covered several stories on the farm-to-table, or locavore movement, at restaurants and among some consumers. But when it comes to your weekly grocery shopping, how much of it involves support for local agriculture?

The view from two Wisconsin farmers: not enough.

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It's National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, coordinated by the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA). With the theme of "Come As You Are," its goal for the campaign is to foster inclusivity in the greater eating disorder community, unify the field of eating disorders, and encourage individuals at all stages of body acceptance to share their stories and connect with others.


Jeff Daniels is most famous for his acting work in movies, but the stage has long been his passion. In fact, he founded the Purple Rose Theater Company in his home state of Michigan. Back in the early 2000s, Daniels commissioned Pulitzer-winning playwright Lanford Wilson to create a new piece for his company.

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Especially in the midst of the #MeToo movement, it's evident that sexual assault is a social epidemic here in America and elsewhere. Beyond the shocking number of sexual assaults that happen every day — one every 98 seconds in America, according to Rainn — there is also a shocking number of offenders who don't receive rightful punishment for their crimes.