Liam Callanan


Commentator and writer Liam Callanan teaches creative writing at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. He is the author of the novels The Cloud Atlas and All Saints.

Twitter: @liamcallanan

If there are any themes that fiction readers have warmed to in recent years, they would include Paris and bookshops. Sometimes, bookshops in Paris. But none of them have woven Milwaukee into that mix - until now. 

Wisconsin novelist Liam Callanan’s new novel features a Milwaukee woman married to a writer who suddenly goes missing. She and her two adolescent children go looking for him in a journey that leads them to buy a bookshop in Paris.

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We’ve been fortunate to feature essays this month, written for Milwaukee Magazine’s City Guide issue, all under the theme of summer innocence.  Milwaukee writer – and frequent Lake Effect contributor Liam Callanan reflects on looking at the city through rose-colored glasses when he first moved to Milwaukee:

Liam Callanan

Lake Effect essayist Liam Callanan essayist goes on a thematic road trip.

Callanan Chases After 'The Red Balloon' in his Recent Essay

Feb 14, 2014
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The 17th annual Festival of Film in French is going on at UW-Milwaukee now through Sunday.

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We’re just a few days out from All Hallow’s Eve – Halloween is Thursday, and frightening opportunities abound.  Count Lake Effect essayist Liam Callanan as not all that excited.

Liam Callanan is a regular Lake Effect contributor and an author. He also teaches creative writing as an associate professor of English at UW-Milwaukee. In his personal essay for the Wise Today, Well Tomorrow mini series, he says that the new president makes him feel old.