Louna Mbomo Lepoivre

News Intern

Louna Mbomo Lepoivre is our newest intern at WUWM. She is visiting us from France, where she recently graduated high school and has been accepted to Science Po Bordeaux, a prestigious university of political science in France.  

Previously Louna lived with her family in Cairo, Egypt. There, as a middle school student, she volunteered with a nursery. More recently, she completed an internship with GEO, a newspaper in Paris. This last internship was the spark that motivated her to pursue a potential career in journalism. She is incredibly excited to be joining the WUWM team and to spend a month in Milwaukee. 

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About 150 cases of severe lung damage are under investigation in 16 states. A possible cause? Vaping.  Teens and young adults have been the principal victims of these injuries that were first reported in Wisconsin. WUWM intern Louna Lepoivre looks into vaping health concerns.

Maayan Silver

For years, elected officials and business leaders have been saying there was a disconnect between getting people who need jobs in Milwaukee to where the available jobs are in areas such as Waukesha County.

The JobLines bus route was supposed to fix that issue. However, by the end of this August, the portion of that line that goes into Waukesha County will end. 

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Maayan Silver

When you think of entertainment and culture in Milwaukee, what comes to mind? Is it beer, is it cheese or is it brats? What about festivals, especially this time of year?

I live in France, and I came to Milwaukee in July to spend part of the summer working in the WUWM newsroom. As I was learning about the city, one of the things that caught my eye was the number of ethnic festivals.