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Maayan Silver started as a reporter for WUWM News in March 2018. Before that, she spent two years as an assistant producer for WUWM's Lake Effect.

Maayan was previously a criminal defense attorney.

She loves listening to people's stories, learning about different cultures, music of all sorts, and dogs.

An employee of the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works was killed in a hit and run incident on Friday morning.

Bryan Rodriguez was filling potholes as part of a street repair crew in the 1800 block of N. 17th St, when a car struck him, pinning him to his truck. He was transported to the hospital immediately by first responders, but died later of his injuries.

The driver of the vehicle fled from the car and is reportedly in custody.

Maayan Silver

A former Milwaukee County jail supervisor was sentenced Friday in the dehydration death of inmate Terrill Thomas.

Kashka Meadors received the sentence recommended by the Milwaukee County District Attorney: six months in the House of Correction. Meadors was convicted of felony neglect of a resident of a penal facility.


Update 1:21 p.m.

After discussions with President Donald Trump, Foxconn plans to proceed with plans to construct an LCD screen plant in Wisconsin that will make screens that can be used for small electronic devices. 

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Milwaukee is in the middle of the polar vortex, which is setting its icy grip on the Midwest. The arctic chill is expected to be here through Thursday morning. While wind chills and air temperatures are at dangerous lows, this episode is extreme but not unprecedented.

If you've ventured outside the last few days, you've probably seen many people wearing large jackets, hats and other warm clothing. But Adam Bilsky was walking to work on Tuesday without much winter gear. 

Maayan Silver

Milwaukee residents are facing dangerously cold temperatures. And organizations that serve the homeless population are taking action.

The high Tuesday is only expected to reach 2 above zero, with wind chills from 15 to 25 below. A wind chill warning takes effect at 6 p.m., and we could see an overnight low of 21 below zero — with a wind chill as low as 45 below.

READ: Wisconsin Governor Declares State Of Emergency

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Newly inaugurated Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers Tony Evers used his first State of the State address to push his agenda on education, health care, transportation and the economy.

He said the state has work to do and pointed out several areas that he wants the state to do better. Evers noted, for instance, that the health of a state’s economy is not only measured by its unemployment rate but also by the number of people who work forty hours each week and are still in poverty.

Maayan Silver

Reproductive rights groups have filed lawsuits challenging multiple abortion restrictions in a number of states, including Indiana, Texas, Virginia, and now Wisconsin.

Maayan Silver

We’re in the midst of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, now at 28 days. Federal workers are shut out of their jobs — and paychecks — and many federal agencies are closed.

And those who benefit from government programs, like food stamps, are also at risk of going without needed resources. That has some Wisconsin families and others worried about the future of FoodShare, the state's food stamp program.


Many girls in Wisconsin are dealing with sexual violence, human trafficking, bullying, and mental health issues. Girls of color tend to be more affected than their white counterparts. That's according to a new report from Alverno College in Milwaukee.

To get an idea of how girls are faring, Alverno researchers looked at demographic and economic trends — on physical, mental and sexual health, incidents of violence and abuse, substance use, social support and media engagement.


Several Democratic-leaning groups in Wisconsin are challenging bills Republicans passed in December that limit the powers of the state's new Democratic governor and attorney general. The groups argue it was illegal for lawmakers to call themselves into session to take up the bills.

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It’s the new year, a time when many are turning to resolutions — including diets. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are testing a new model of a weight loss intervention device. It zaps a nerve into making your stomach feel full so that you eat less.

Lead researcher Dr. Xudong Wang of UW-Madison has been developing the device. “[It] has two wires that connects to the vagus nerve," he says. "The device will generate small electrical pulses and stimulate the vagus nerve and tell the brain that the stomach is full and stop eating.”

Tony Evers was sworn in as Wisconsin's new governor Monday. And fellow Democrat Josh Kaul took the oath of office as state attorney general.

At the inauguration, Kaul noted the atypical circumstances surrounding the event. He referred to action taken by Republican legislators in a lame-duck session in December.

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Only four out of 10 working-aged adults with disabilities are employed nationally, according to the Washington, D.C.-based Brookings Institution. 

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Christmas is over, so you may or may not hear any more renditions of Jingle Bells and White Christmas in 2018. But music is with us year round and according to a recent Nielson study, Americans are listening to more music than ever.

Maayan Silver

It's a little unusual to hear Christmas caroling underground, especially in a cave that's nearly a million years old. But that's what hundreds of people did in December in southwestern Wisconsin.

For over a decade, the staff at Cave of the Mounds, which is 30 miles west of Madison, have brought a cappella groups, choirs and orchestral quartets to the limestone cave to kick off the Christmas season.