Mitch Teich

Lake Effect Executive Producer / Co-host

Mitch joined WUWM in February 2006 as the Executive Producer of the locally produced weekday magazine program Lake Effect.

He brings over 27 years of broadcasting experience from radio stations across the country - in Iowa, Minnesota, New York, and Arizona. Prior to joining WUWM, Mitch served as News Director of KNAU - Arizona Public Radio, Executive Producer of the station's monthly news magazine program, and anchored and produced news programming.

He has won many awards including several regional awards from the Radio Television News Directors Association and national awards from PRNDI - Public Radio News Directors Inc.

He holds a bachelors degree in Political Science from Cornell College, Mount Vernon, Iowa. He lives in Wauwatosa with his wife Gretchen, daughter Sylvi and son Charlie. Mitch fills his copious spare time looking for his reading glasses, watching his beloved Boston Red Sox and cheering on his children on the ice rinks, ballfields, and cycling tracks of southeastern Wisconsin.

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Transitioning out of one industry and into another can be challenging, especially after multiple years on the job. For many professional athletes, by the time they retire or are forced from the game by injury or obsolescence, they have been in their sport for 20 or 30 years. For too many of them, they find it difficult financially and emotionally to adjust to life after sports. 

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It might be cliche to say that Susan Miller dealt with a parents' worst nightmare — but it's also true. Ten years ago, Miller's previously healthy 14-year-old daughter was suddenly diagnosed with a brain tumor and died just days later.

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Downtown Delafield has a quintessential, cute small-town feel to it. Coffee shops, restaurants, craft shops, all not far from a picturesque lake. But if you were walking down the sidewalk, you’d have no idea that inside an unassuming office building is a sprawling warren of offices and conference rooms in which some cutting-edge work is being done.

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While Scott Walker was governor of Wisconsin for eight years, many people on both sides of the aisle believe his defining moment came in the earliest days of his tenure. That was the point at which a special legislative session resulted in the passage of Act 10, which greatly reduced the bargaining power of state employees.  

The Legislature went on to pass so-called Right to Work laws in 2015, which prohibit labor contracts requiring people to join a union if their job falls under certain categories.

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A recent report on NPR said that cyberattacks originating in China are continuing to increase, even as the number of indictments and charges against hackers has increased as well. The proliferation of online transactions, and the so-called Internet of Things — devices that allow us to connect remotely — has raised the risk of hacking across a wide spectrum of our lives.

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Millions of Americans will tune in on Feb. 5, as President Donald Trump gives his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress. The speech was delayed after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi rescinded the official invitation to the president during the partial government shutdown.

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A lot of us probably think back on our days in high school math classes and puzzle over how we're using our algebra, or geometry, or calculus lessons in our lives today. The chances are good, though, that the students of at least one teacher at Cedarburg High School should be able to do the math ten or fifteen years from now.

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The new Wisconsin Transportation Secretary Craig Thompson recently announced the creation of a task force to explore ways of patching holes in the department’s funding for road repairs and improvements. Transportation planners throughout the U.S. say the nation's interstates are overdue for a complete modernization, but that won't come cheap.

Mitch Teich

For the first time, the recently opened Fiserv Forum has an ice sheet on its floor. But the occasion is not a hockey game, or even a figure skating competition - even though ice skates are definitely part of the mix. Cirque du Soleil’s first ice-themed show, “Crystal,” is at the Fiserv Forum through Sunday night.

The last time Trapper Schoepp played in the Lake Effect performance studio, it was tracks from his EP based on the rides at Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay. 

READ: Trapper Schoepp Pays Tribute to a Wisconsin Landmark in 'Bay Beach Amusement Park'

Paul Noth

Who among us didn’t have one of those days in middle school when you wish the world would end? For Hap Conklin, that’s actually a very real prospect. Conklin is the young, sometimes bearded character at the center of a series of middle grade novels by Milwaukee native, and New Yorker contributor, Paul Noth.

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Alfred Kunz was a Catholic priest, the pastor of a church called St. Michael in the rural south central Wisconsin town of Dane. He served the community for years, but on March 4, 1998, he was found murdered in violent fashion in the church complex. No one has been arrested or convicted for the crime.


Your home is one of the only refuges from the bitter cold, but even it has difficulty keeping up with the wind chill. On the coldest days, the furnace can continue to run without reaching the temperature on the thermostat. 

David Stuart is an environmental systems technician instructor, part of the sheet metal apprenticeship program with Sheet Metal Workers Local 18 and Milwaukee Area Technical College. He explains that if your thermostat is set to 70 degrees in these arctic temperatures, the house may only get to 68 or 66 degrees. 

Family Bucket List: Travel Midwest

Jan 29, 2019
Door County Mom / The Family Backpack

While cold, snowy weather is not unusual for the upper Midwest, this week’s weather might be testing the patience of even the most devout fans of winter. At the very least, it might have you thinking about at least a brief getaway.

Whether traveling was a New Year’s resolution for you, or you have a longtime bucket list in your mind, contributor Andrea Khan, chief travel officer for The Family Backpack, has some suggestions for travel in our figurative backyard:

Matt Beard/courtesy of Cirque du Soleil

Just in case you thought Milwaukee wasn't cold enough this week, the Fiserv Forum is getting in on the artic action. On Wednesday night, the arena hosts its first show that requires a sheet of ice. Cirque du Soleil's first ice-themed show, Crystal, runs Wednesday through Sunday at Fiserv.

The show features the company's signature stunning acrobatics — such as trapeze work, but adds complicating factors such as ice and ice skates. It means acrobats become skaters, and skaters become acrobats.