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Will Durst is sworn enemy to all tyrants, foreign and domestic. He has managed to patch together a half way decent quilt of a comedy career utilizing syndicated columns, radio and television commentaries, acting, stand up comedy, voice-overs, margarine smuggling and a book, The All American Sport of Bipartisan Bashing. He’s a regular on CNN and Fox News and has performed for three elected Presidents. His wife is much funnier than he.

Twitter: @WillDurst

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While there are aspects of the news coming out of Washington that sound like satire, it’s hard to be sure. With Will Durst, an award-winning political satirist and Milwaukee native, you can be sure it's satire. Though he now lives in California’s Bay Area, Durst is back in his home state for shows in Madison and Milwaukee before touring in Europe.

"I know what you're going to ask and I don't know!" Durst says right off the bat. "I've heard that people are so tired of hearing about Trump, I've heard that people can't get enough of Trump."

Will Durst is back home this weekend. The political writer and comedian from Milwaukee lives in the Bay Area today, but has shows this Friday and Saturday at Comedy Sportz in Walker’s Point.

His show, Durst Case Scenario, explores America in the time of President Trump.  Normally, Durst says, the year after an election is a time when people are ready for a break from political comedy.  But not this year, he says. 

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Both the Democrats and Republicans are trying to close ranks ahead of this year’s mid-term elections – and ahead of the bigger prize in 2016 – the White House. Lake Effect political satirist Will Durst says that led to the most strained meeting he can imagine since Cain attended Abel’s funeral.

Will Durst

Political satirist, stand up comedian and Milwaukee native Will Durst is back in town with a brand new one-man show.


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