Zoe Smith Munson

Lake Effect Intern

Zoe Smith Munson joined WUWM in January 2019 as an intern for Lake Effect.

Originally from Madison, Wis., Zoe is a junior double-majoring in journalism and sociology, minoring in communication and pursuing a certificate in digital art and culture at UW-Milwaukee. Over a couple of semesters, Zoe has reported for UW-Milwaukee's award-winning news website, Media Milwaukee, including doing extensive coverage of the 2018 midterm elections.

Although she's intrigued by most topics, Zoe tends to focus her work on culture, social issues and politics using written and audio methods.

Cassidy Schrader

If you take a look around Milwaukee and its surrounding communities, you may have noticed that coffee shops are kind of the new corner stores. From international chains like Starbucks to local roasters like Stone Creek, coffee seems to have taken over the city.

But this didn't happen overnight. In fact, Milwaukee's coffee scene has been growing for decades to become the powerhouse it is today. But how did this happen? And is Milwaukee's coffee scene unique compared to similar-sized cities?

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Using the arts and humanities in medical school isn't new. Exposure to literature, music, and visual arts during their training can help medical students become better clinicians. 

Film is another medium that can have a profound effect on students. Watching films together, especially about difficult topics like the end of life, can help students become aware of their own biases. 

Milwaukee Artist Resource Network

Last week, the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN) announced it was granted an anonymous gift of $3 million. It's a lot of money, and it has the board of directors and staff feeling celebratory. Plans are already in motion to find a street-level home for the group that would serve as offices, a gallery, and a program space. 

Penguin Random House

Writer Bianca Marais was born in South Africa in 1976. It was a time when the country was still very much ruled under the apartheid laws that separated people of different skin colors. Her first novel, Hum If You Don’t Know The Words, reflects that difficult time in her nation’s history.

Mitch Teich

A couple of years ago, Milwaukee-area realtor and writer Kathleen Davis was on the verge of sending her oldest child off to college. And that got her to wondering whether childhood and adolescence had truly prepared him for the independence that he'd soon have. The result was her book You Never Told Me That! A Crash Course in Preparing Your Kids for Independence.

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The rivalry between Miller and Budweiser is nearly as old as the beers themselves. However, the century-old fight took a new turn earlier this year when Anheusuer-Busch premiered an ad at the Superbowl attacking MillerCoors' use of corn syrup in two of its flagship beers.

The history of this competition — and its modern incarnation — is documented in this month's Milwaukee Magazine. The article, "The Big Beer Battle," was written by Matt Piper.


For those who haven't heard the news, Mitch Teich is pulling up the stakes and moving to upstate New York. His last show as Lake Effect's executive producer will be Wednesday, June 19, at Lake Effect On-Site: Cedarburg.

Maayan Silver

Art is sprouting along Wisconsin Avenue. From John Baldessari’s penguin statue in Northwestern Mutual's garden, to Beverly Pepper’s steel curves at the western edge of the project, this third year of Sculpture Milwaukee has brought more whimsy, beauty, and thought-provoking work to the city.


LaToya Dennis

When the U.S. housing bubble burst in 2008, the country was launched into the most severe recession since the Great Depression. For many families, this meant the loss of the family home.

Between 2006 and 2014, around 9 million American families lost homes due to foreclosure. There have been many studies on the ways foreclosure impacts someone's personal and professional life, but a recent study analyzed its impact on someone's political life.

Penguin Random House

As the manufacturing sector has evolved and job numbers have fallen, the rise of automation has been a key part of the equation. However, technology is impacting more than just assembly-line jobs in the 21st century.

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There are some writers out there who not only draw readers in with creative plots but with creative use of words. For adults, that might include Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series or Terry Pratchett's Discworld books. And generations of kids have grown to love word-play thanks to books like Norton Juster's 1961 classic The Phantom Tollbooth. 

Mary-Ann Bendel

If you look at the list of producers and showhosts at WUWM, with just a couple of exceptions, it consists of nearly all women. While the demographic breakdown varies from newsroom to newsroom, women do make up a large percentage of journalists working in the broadcast industry today. 

One hundred and seven years after it sank, it's hard to believe there's any aspect of the Titanic's tragic voyage that we don't know about. The supposedly unsinkable ship hit an iceberg and went down in the North Atlantic in April of 1912. A new book by a Wausau native takes an unusual approach to the Titanic's history.

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Parts of the Midwest are still reeling from spring flooding caused by a winter's-worth of snow melting in a very short period of time. The floods have caused hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage, even in places with plans for such occurrences. 

Audrey Nowakowski

There are many names for the neighborhoods just south of downtown Milwaukee, but there is one over-arching term that has taken hold: the near south side.

In front of a live audience at Latino Arts in Walker's Square, Lake Effect's Mitch Teich and Bonnie North sat down with some of the neighborhood's residents and entrepreneurs to uncover what makes the area unique: its growing demographic, charming character, entrepreneurs, and music.