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Bill Locher: "It's Much More Than Just Driving a Bus"

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Bill Locher

Those of us who ride the bus on a regular basis take it for granted that the man – or woman – behind the wheel is going to get us where we’re going safely.  But few of us give much thought to the driver and what he or she does, aside from stopping the bus, opening the doors, and accepting fares.

It turns out that there’s a lot more to it.  And Bill Locher can speak to almost all of it.  He started driving a bus for Milwaukee County Transit more than 30 years ago and more recently, has helped train new drivers.

It’s a history that you’d never know unless you asked about it – so we decided to.  Bill Locher joined Mitch Teich in the Lake Effect studio and talked about those years - both behind the wheel and with new drivers.

Locher's son is also a driver – and the MCTS staff cartoonist for the employee publication - some of his work accompanies this interview.

And after our interview, we inaugurate a new segment on Lake Effect - Milwaukee Soundscapes.  Appropriately, contributor Sam Willis takes us on board the Number 23 bus between Fond du Lac and National.

Credit Lake Effect
Bill Locher, in conversation with Mitch Teich in Studio B.

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