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With "Goldin" Leadership, Milwaukee's Book Scene Stays Strong

Boswell Book Company

When Milwaukee’s venerable independent bookstore chain, Harry W. Schwartz, faded away four years ago – and was followed by Borders Books, many feared the local literary scene might disappear as well.

But that hasn’t happened. If anything, the book world is stronger than ever. That’s thanks in large part to the strength of the remaining independent bookstores in the area.

Recently in Milwaukee Magazine, writer Claire Hanan profiled Daniel Goldin, who reopened Schwartz’s Downer Avenue location as Boswell Book Company. Goldin explains his relationship with books.

"I do feel that they are something that’s more important, say, than… I really love sweaters, but we just had an author who said a sweater’s not going to change your life, and I’m gonna go with that," he says.

Hanan is an assistant editor at Milwaukee Magazine, and wrote the profile of Goldin in the April issue. 

(We should note – our segment was scheduled to air last month, but was pre-empted by NPR special coverage.)