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Milwaukee's Roller Derby Scene Is a Hit

Brew City Bruisers

Tomorrow evening at Milwaukee’s US Cellular Arena, the Brew City Bruisers will take to the rink for their last home roller derby bout of the season.

Roller derby has boomed in recent years in Milwaukee – attracting many more competitors and spectators alike, and even spurring the development of a junior roller derby team.

Writer Abby Callard immersed herself in roller derby culture for a recent profile of the Bruisers organization for Milwaukee Magazine. Callard is assistant editor there.

She says it's a different experience being on the floor with the women of the Bruisers.

"When you’re sitting up in the stands and you see a hit, that’s one thing, but to see it sort of when you’re on the same level and five feet away, and actually hear everything that’s happening – it seems a lot more violent," she says.