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Brooks and Dionne (Civilly) Take on Wisconsin's Place on the National Political Stage

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David Brooks and EJ Dionne disagree with each other – for a living.  Brooks is a columnist for the New York Times, generally with a conservative view of things.  Dionne writes for the Washington Post, typically with a liberal bent.  The two appear regularly on NPR’s All Things Considered and offer their analysis of the week’s events.

But despite their often differing take on politics, the two are more than cordial to each other – they’re friends who manage to disagree without raising their voices in anger to each other.

That relationship made them the ideal speakers at the gala dinner for the Milwaukee-based Public Policy Forum, which was marking – in its words – a century of civility.

Lake Effect's Mitch Teich had a chance to interview them on-stage at that event.  We talked about Wisconsin’s place in national politics – but also about how they’re able to maintain a friendship amid political disagreement. 


dionne and brooks.mp3
Listen to the full, unedited, on-stage interview with David Brooks and EJ Dionne