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Get Street Smart about Smart Streets: The Future of Traffic

Driving a smarter car might involve driving your current car on a smarter road. 

We spend a lot of time trying to make our driving experience more comfortable through changes to our cars.

But it turns out the changes – someday – could involve not having to drive them at all. That is the notion that some advocates and developers of so-called “smart road” technology have in mind.

But smart roads don’t just involve driverless cars – it could mean better timing for stop lights, or at a more basic level, turning over some decisions drivers make to a larger traffic management entity.

Auto contributor Mark Savage explains that while engineers might be able to make roads work better for traffic, it wouldn't come without a cost.

"If we’re going to do something – kind of like landing a man on the moon – you’re going to have to spend the money to do it.  Instead of putting a man on the moon, let’s get a man to the supermarket on time, or a woman to her office on time.

Savage writes about cars for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and is also editor of American Snowmobiler magazine.

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