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Twin Brother Debuts Natural, Feel-Good Sound

Twin Brother

Twin Brother marks a "starting over point" with a new album.

It is not an official requirement of Lake Effect interns that they be aspiring musicians – but it doesn’t hurt and it just often turns out that way.

Following in the wake of such luminaries as Trapper Schoepp and Paul Schwarzkopf, Sean Raasch and his band, Twin Brother, are getting set to launch their new self-titled CD, with a show tomorrow night at Club Garibaldi.

Raasch tries not to attach a particular label to the music – but if nothing else, it can certainly be termed Indie Rock.

He says he's always had an eclectic taste in music - singing over Boys II Men and Michael Jackson tapes when he was a little kid. Later on, he taught himself guitar.

"It was very frustrating for a while as is any instrument learning how to play it," he says." But I guess you could say that’s the one thing I stuck to, and I never gave up," he says. "I’ve tried a lot of things – skateboarding, or school. But nothing really stuck. But music always has."

Raasch used to play with his drummer Tyler Nelson under the name "Jackraasch." But the band has since expanded by using a lot of special guests, and the new name marks a "starting over point" for the group. Raasch says the new name refers to his and Nelson's closeness, as well as honors his father's late twin brother.

Our interview highlighted two tracks from the album, “Overwhelming" and "What Am I Speaking Of."

This interview originally aired May 23, 2013.

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