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Laughter Roars for Boulevard Theatre's 'Tigers Be Still'

Jeremy Noble/Flickr

What do you get when you combine a jobless art therapy graduate, a kleptomaniac teenager with anger management issues, and a tiger on the loose?

For the Boulevard Theatre in Bay View, it’s a summer comedy called Tigers Be Still that opens tonight.

The show is about the post-college troubles of Sherry, an aspiring art therapy graduate, whose sister is fresh off of a break-up with her fiancé and won’t leave the couch. The New York run has already caught acclaim from the likes of The New York Times for its authenticity and comedic dialog.

“Alcoholism, family grieving, healing, etc. - they sound very dark, but Kim Rosenstock, the playwright, has whipped up kind of a soufflé of a play, which deals with serious issues but you’re laughing at the same time” says artistic director Mark Bucher.

The play opens with Sherry starting her first day of therapy sessions with her patient, Zach, who’s struggling with kleptomania. Meanwhile, her alcoholic sister is leaving soused messages on her new ex’s voicemail. Plus, the town’s zoo is dealing with their caged tiger on the lam, and no one can seem to capture the beast.

“I would encourage everyone to rush out and catch a tiger by the tail and see a purrfect summer comedy and see Tigers Be Still at the Boulevard Theatre," Bucher says.

The cast includes Jaime Jastrab, Shannon Tyburski, Josh Wallace, and Brooke Wegner. Tigers Be Still opens Wednesday, July 31st and runs through Sunday, August 18th.

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