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New Network Replaces News Stories With News Movies


A news network launched on television and the Internet in recent weeks, making its debut in Milwaukee.

When CNN went on the air in 1980, it marked the launch of the first 24-7 television network devoted solely to news. A lot has happened in the thirty-three years since – and the television news landscape is now filled with all-news and analysis options.

Yet as the choice has increased, the number of people turning to television for news is decreasing.

The founders of a new multi-platform – including television – network believe part of the problem lies in the old-fashioned way in which TV is still telling stories. The new network, called TouchVision, promises not news stories, but what it terms “news movies.” It went on the air and online in recent weeks. It’s headquartered in Chicago, but its first broadcast outlet is on Channel 58.4 in Milwaukee. We reached two of the founders of the network – separately – by Skype.

Lake Effect chats with chief content officer and co-founder Lee Abrams and Steve Saslow – another co-founder of TouchVision.  Saslow holds the title of CEO of the network and is in charge of all everything except the news content.