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Is the Bucks' Fan Outreach Working?

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The controversy continues surrounding calls for a new basketball arena in downtown Milwaukee.

But no matter what happens down the road, the Bucks are certain to open this season on the road at the end of the month before returning to the Bradley Center for their home opener in early November.

Howie Magner is our regular sports contributor and he’s here to perhaps reintroduce us to the team on the hardwood over at the Bradley Center.

"They’re really putting an emphasis on reaching out to fans that either gave up on the team or might not have been fans of the team in the first place," he says. "And of course, that’s all well and good, but you’ve still gotta put an entertaining product on the floor, as well."

Magner writes the sports nut column for Milwaukee Magazines website, and he’s senior editor of the magazine.

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