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Guide Explores Milwaukee's 'Cosmo Corner'

Boswell Books

For those of you who think you know Milwaukee pretty well, Tom Pilarzyk would like to challenge that notion.

The Shorewood travel writer has created a new guide to the city featuring dozens of new ways to explore the city he says is undergoing a 21st-century Renaissance.

Pilarzyk’s Milwaukee at Water’s Edge: Resource Guide to the Lively Side features little-known city spots all located along the lakefront in an area he calls the "cosmo corner."

"If there's something that I could bottle and take with me wherever I go, it would certainly be the lakefront from Kenwood Avenue all the way down to the Fifth Ward," he says.

While Pilarzyk says Milwaukee has a long way to go to be considered a true cosmopolitan city, he says there are enough cultural and artistic institutions in this part of the city that are worth exploring.

He says he is aiming the book toward newcomers and longtime residents alike, from students to empty-nesters. He’ll be speaking at Boswell Book Company tomorrow night.

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