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Three Milwaukee Area Breweries Featured in 'American Craft Beer Cookbook'

Storey Publishing

With craft breweries growing in size and number, there are ever more offerings on tap. But for as hard as it is to pick a beer, it’s equally hard to find the right dish to pair it with.

Luckily, there’s beer-and-travel writer John Holl. He’s done the hard and tasty work of compiling the best recipes and pairing suggestions from brewpubs and breweries around the country in his recent book, The American Craft Beer Cookbook: 155 Recipes From Your Favorite Brewpubs and Breweries.

Three of the recipes come from Wisconsin brew stops:

Other recipes in the book include pairings like Pistachio-Crusted Salmon Sandwiches with a hefeweizen, or Curried Pumpkin Chicken Soup paired with a pumpkin stout.
Holl's visited more than 900 breweries around the world, but was in Milwaukee last month. He's also is the editor of All About Beer magazine and host of The Beer Briefing on iHeartRadio.