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Milwaukee Native's One-Man Show Takes Comedic Look at Me Generation

Will Durst

Political satirist, stand up comedian and Milwaukee native Will Durst is back in town with a brand new one-man show. As you can tell from its name, BoomeRaging: From LSD to OMG, at Next Act Theatre, is an homage to the Baby Boom Generation, a generation of which he is a proud members. From segments entitled Racing From The Shadow Of A Mushroom Cloud; The Blinking VCR; and Still Doing Drugs, Only Now There's a Co-Pay, the show promises to pay fitting tribute to the “me” generation.

He also takes on the Boomers' differences from their modern counterparts, in segments going after such things as tattoos.

"It’s not just the tastes that change, the canvas does as well," Durst says of the show. "So Boomers, it’s your responsibility to hip the kids to the bummer of the fact that those intricate etchings are destined to be hit with a Salvador Dali melting bomb."

The show runs through Saturday.

Durst is a regular Lake Effect contributor, reporting to us live from Washington, D.C. for President Obama’s first inauguration, chatting with us before some the stand-up gigs he’s had around town, and writing and voicing up-to-the minute mini-essays. He now lives in California’s Bay Area.

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