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Librarian Got Her Start in Poetry When Asked 'What If You Were an Inch Tall?'

Erin Lorandos

We have been featuring poetry throughout April, which is National Poetry Month.  Today we feature another Wisconsin poet, or at least a poet who is a Wisconsin native. 

Lorandos got her start in poetry when she was in middle school. Her teacher asked her class to imagine what it would be like if they were an inch tall. What would she see? What would she do? She used her imagination and was inspired to write poetry ever since.

Although most of Lorandos' poetry focuses on things that she sees or that she experiences, she also is intrigued by poetry that involves coding. One form of code poetry that she likes is Pi poetry, which follows the format of Pi (3.141...).

"Similar to the haiku style, you are breaking down the line by syllables," says Lorandos. "In theory, that poem could go on forever."

Librarian and poet Erin Lorandos is a native of Verona, Wisconsin, and is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She recently moved to Arizona with her husband and daughter and now lives outside Phoenix, where she’s a librarian at the Mesa Public Library.