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Moving Forward After The Primaries

Vox Efx

Now that the primary election votes have been counted and the results are in, we need to take a look at how the votes cast will impact Wisconsin's future as the winners now move forward to the November elections.

Lake Effect's Mitch Teich spoke with Julia Azari, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Marquette University, about the meaning of voter turnout in the primary, the results themselves, and what voters should look for as the candidates gear up for the main elections. 

"It's very challenging to read into the electorate under any circumstances, and I also think that it's tough to do that in the context of the primary where so much comes down to personalities and to advertising and to quirky idiosyncratic factors...For a local election turnout and interest was actually pretty high, so that maybe tells us something about the state of American political participation at the local level," says Azari.

Julia Azari's most recent book is Delivering The People's Message: The Changing Politics of the Presidential Mandate.


Audrey is a WUWM host and producer for Lake Effect.