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Where To Eat in Milwaukee Once Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Are Gone


After you spend the holiday cooking, or spending time with people who were cooking, and eating.  What are you going to eat aft​er the leftovers are gone?

It turns out there are plenty of post-Thanksgiving dining options. Lake Effect's Dan Harmon speaks with Ann Christenson, dining critic and senior editor at Milwaukee Magazine, who has plenty of suggestions to continue satisfying the food and comfort you crave this holiday weekend.

  • Finally have more time for leisure? Go to the Pfister Hotel for afternoon tea.

"Chances are you have a little bit of time to just sort of relax...I find [it] really fun, because it's unlike going to any coffee house and getting tea," Christenson says. Afternoon Tea is held on Friday, Saturday & Sundays from November 1st – March 29th. Seatings are at 1:30, 2:00, & 2:30 pm. Reservations are required.

  • Just want a small bite to eat while out with friends? Storyhill BKC has an afternoon "little menu."

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"Let's say you're really coming off that huge meal the day before and you just want like a little bite in the afternoon and a coffee, or a beer, whatever it might be, you can just sit and hang out," Christenson says.

  • Seeking a more rustic atmosphere? Head to The Fox and Hound.

"The thing about this place is the ambiance. Part of the building was a log cabin and it has all these kind of cute little nooks and crannies and fireplaces," Christenson says.

  • Longing to be cuddled up near a fireplace? Head to County Clare's "Saint's Snug" room.

  • Looking for more night time activities? The InterContinental Hotel has a Chocolate Bar.

"You can go and gorge yourself on chocolate truffles, cakes and chocolate fondue...this is definitely after you've had a meal or maybe it's in place of dinner," Christenson says. It is open on Friday and Saturday evenings from 8 pm - midnight. 

  • Want a nightcap? Head to Bryant's Cocktail Lounge, "where you can get any cocktail known to man." Or, if you're lucky enough to find the bar open, At Random is another great drink lounge with more alcoholic ice cream drinks for drink and dessert combined.

  • Good Kind in Bay View has a modern approach to Old-World dining, specializing in rotisserie meats, local produce and house-made cocktails.

"Having something cooked on a rotissarie...there's something incredibly warming about that, especially this time of year," Christenson says.

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