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Is It Time To Cut The Cord On Cable?


The television landscape is continuing to experience seismic shifts. 

This week, Dish Network announced it will soon offer a streaming service that for the first time, will allow people to have real-time access to networks such as ESPN without a cable or satellite subscription. 

That announcement comes as more Americans are becoming so-called “cord cutters,” eliminating their cable TV subscriptions in favor of a la carte options. But understanding those options – along with choices in Internet and phone service – is increasingly tricky.

The cover feature in the January Milwaukee Magazine tries to make sense of the telecommunications world in Wisconsin. Managing Editor Tim McCormick and Senior Editor Matt Hrodey join Lake Effect's Mitch Teich to share the details.

"There was a lot that we didn't understand," Hrodey says. "And I found in past reporting that the telecom industry is insidiously complex. You have mergers and different kinds of companies, so it's just like this web, political, name it." 

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