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Musician Jessie Torrisi Keeps A Human Touch In Electronic Music

Jessie Torrisi, Facebook

Last week, Lake Effect spoke with singer-songwriter Jess Klein while she was pass through the state of Wisconsin. Touring with Klein was Jessie Torrisi.

We've had musician Jessie Torrisi on the show in the past, with her band, The Please, Please Me. On her most recent visit, she showed up with a new accompaniment - a Boss drum machine.

Even without her band to accompany her, Torrisi seamlessly plays electronic music with a personal live touch.

Torrisi says she and her band are always "trying to find how human can electronic music can be. How can we make it still by people, and still with mistakes and pushes and pulls and the beat?"

Listen to the songs Jessie Torrisi performed live at WUWM:

"Breaking Through The Cages"


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