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With Walker Gearing Up For a Presidential Bid, How Does He Secure a National Base?

Darren Hauck
Getty Images

The 2016 Presidential election is still more than 20 months away, but the list of would-be contenders for the major parties’ nominations is growing.

This weekend, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and other high-profile Republicans will be in California to speak to a gathering organized by the Koch Brothers, whose organization, Americans for Prosperity has played a significant role in national and local races. 

It will be an event that garners a lot of attention for taking place so long before the primary season. Julia Azari, political science professor at Marquette University specializes in electoral politics, among other subjects. She recently joined Lake Effect's Mitch Teich to discuss the many possibilities the political future holds both in the state and nationally.

"With Walker, and with any governor – especially a governor of a medium-size state, they have to overcome this “leap of imagination.” And I think that is what’s lurking behind some of the name recognition issues – it’s easy to imagine Romney in that role, because he’s already run," Azari says.

Julia Azari is also a regular contributor to the blog Mischiefs of Faction

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