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Why Walker's Likely Presidential Bid is Already Resonating with Some Big Donors

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Two polls out in the past week showed good news for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s possible Presidential run.

Popularity polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire – home of the earliest primary contests – showed Walker leading all his Republican rivals.

While much can – and will – change in the year between now and the elections, the early support will likely have an impact on Walker’s ability to raise enough money to be competitive over the course of a campaign. Ken Vogel is chief investigative reporter for the news website Politico, and he wrote this week about Walker’s efforts to lure former donors to Mitt Romney’s campaigns, now that Romney announced he won’t run for President again.

"The reason why Scott Walker gets onto their radar is that in fact, they believe he could survive a primary, where Jeb Bush or Chris Christie could get taken down by angry Tea Party insurgents," Vogel said to Lake Effect's Mitch Teich.

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