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Milwaukee Leadership Healthcare Forum Focuses on Uncertainty over Healthcare Reform

Christian Delbert -

The Affordable Care Act has been law for a couple of years now, so you might think talking about health policy would be more like a routine check-up by now.

But in many ways, it’s still like a trip to urgent care. There is the issue of penalties on your taxes for going uninsured, and the issues of what small business owners must provide to their employees, or face penalties.

And it is the ongoing questions about the next five years in the healthcare arena that underscore the annual Leadership Healthcare Forum scheduled for next month in Milwaukee. It’s organized by UW-Milwaukee’s College of Health Sciences.

Lake Effect's Mitch Teich spoke with Greg Banazynski. He is both a leader in the healthcare field in Wisconsin - he's president of Wisconsin Activate Healthcare - and an organizer of the forum.

"I’ve been in healthcare now for 35 years, predominantly on the provider side, and the one constant we talk about all the time in healthcare is change," Banazynski said.