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Mediation Grows Beyond Divorce, And Into Estate Disputes in Wisconsin

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The courtroom can be a contentious place. Things like the high-profile lawsuits and divorce cases you read about or see on television can drag on for days, weeks, or months.  And they can get nasty and leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth when all is said and done.

Divorce law is one area where people have historically turned to mediation as an alternative to litigation.  But increasingly, mediation is being used in other areas, like estate and probate cases, where there are disputes over inheritances.

That use is still fairly young in Wisconsin. Eido Walny has experience in both estate law and mediation with his firm, Walny Legal Group. He talks with Lake Effect's Mitch Teich about the benefits of solving disputes amicably outside of the courtroom with a third party.

"It's not emotion over what's happening in the current situation. Oftentimes the underlying problems are things that happened when the parties were kids or teenagers...and it's hard for the parties involved to overcome that," Walny says.