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Meet Milwaukee Ballet's "Choreographer of Light"

cinderella..jpg S. Levine
A captured moment from the Milwaukee ballet's production of Cinderella.

Even if you’re not a football fan, you might tune into the Super Bowl for the halftime show. And of the many hundreds of people who make that spectacle happen, David Grill is of the key players.

Grill is a lighting designer. In addition to the most-watched sporting event on the planet, Grill has been a long-time artistic partner of the Milwaukee Ballet’s Michael Pink.

The two have created many memorable productions together, and the latest – Cinderella – is on stage this weekend. David Grill was backstage at Uehlein Hall at the Marcus Center on the first day of tech rehearsal, and he says that everything begins with the heart and soul of the story that’ll be on stage. Though when it comes to his own title, Grill has a very simple explanation.

"I get to call myself a choreographer of light," Grill says, "which is probably one of the better definitions of 'what does a lighting designer do?' You choreograph with light."