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Free Speech or Cyberbullying?: The John McAdams Debate

Adam Ryan Morris
Milwaukee Magazine

As Marquette University students return to classes for the fall semester, one department is still missing one of its most high-profile professors.  John McAdams, who has taught in the political science department since 1977, was suspended last academic year.  And the university is reportedly seeking to revoke his tenure.

It took the action in the wake of a blog post McAdams wrote about a run-in one of his advisees had with a graduate student who was teaching a philosophy class. 

"The fact that Dr. McAdams is under suspension and that Marquette is looking to revoke his tenure is very controversial, and not just with conservative students," writer and Marquette English adjunct faculty member RT Both says. "Some people do feel that this is a free speech issue and the university should give him the room to say what he wants."

The post to McAdams politically conservative blog triggered a series of events that RT Both describes in the current issue of Milwaukee Magazine