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Next Act Theatre Examines Prejudice Post 9/11

Next Act Theatre

Although it has been 14 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the fear those attacks engendered in us as a nation has lingered.

It shows up in the way we travel by air, the ways we barricade our public offices and the ways we give up more personal freedoms in search of more security.

It also shows up in the ways we profile those of Middle Eastern descent – whether or not they are Muslims. And that kind of profiling is the basis for Yussef el Guindi’s play, Back of the Throat. It has been described by American Theatre Magazine as “…like a section of the Patriot Act as dramatized by David Mamet and Franz Kafka.”

"The play begins to reflect back to us how our own fear, our own biases, our own prejudices can shape the way we interpret the facts or the truths in such a way that we loose track of where it even is," director Edward Morgan says.

Back of the Throat opens Thursday night and runs through October 25th at Next Act’s 5th Ward location.

Bonnie North
Bonnie joined WUWM in March 2006 as the Arts Producer of the locally produced weekday magazine program Lake Effect.